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01.03.2015 | original article | Ausgabe 5-6/2015

Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift 5-6/2015

Prevention of study-related stress symptoms: health-promoting behavior among dental students

Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift > Ausgabe 5-6/2015
PhD, MSc, MHA Stefanie Mache, PhD, MSc Karin Vitzthum, MD Prof. David A. Groneberg



Training to become a dentist is one of the most demanding professional education experiences. There are very few studies on strategies and activities to cope with study-related stress during dental training. We therefore evaluated the prevalence of burnout symptoms and coping activities among dental students.


A cross-sectional survey was performed analyzing a sample of 239 dental students from Germany. Students were asked to complete a survey containing questions about burnout symptoms and coping behavior.


A total of 38 % of the dental students perceived symptoms of emotional exhaustion; 17 % reported symptoms of personal accomplishment and 11 % perceived scores of depersonalization. Students reported on coping activities, ranging from health-promoting techniques, such as exercising, to less recommendable health harming relaxation strategies, such as taking drugs.


Our results indicate the need for relevant health promotion and may aid decision makers in developing health promotion programs.

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