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01.02.2013 | review article | Ausgabe 3-4/2013

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 3-4/2013

Neurotoxic effects of nonylphenol: a review

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift > Ausgabe 3-4/2013
Xu Jie, Li JianMei, Feng Zheng, Gong Lei, Zhang Biao, Yu Jie


Nonylphenol (NP), identified as an environmental endocrine disruptor, used as important raw materials for detergents, emulsifiers, and wetting agents in industry and is also found in paints, pesticides, and household toiletries. NP has been reported to have deleterious effects on central nervous system (CNS) other than reproductive and immune systems including disrupting neuroendocrine homeostasis, altering cognitive function, and neurotoxicity of tissues, etc., particularly when NP’s disruption occurs during critical developmental window of brain. This review will discuss the evidence for environmental endocrine disruption of NP and the sequelae on endocrine, reproductive and nerve functions, as well as causal relationships between endocrine disruption and cognitive behavior effects.

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