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21.01.2019 | review | Ausgabe 3/2019

neuropsychiatrie 3/2019

Migraine headache and depression in adults: a systematic Review and Meta-analysis

neuropsychiatrie > Ausgabe 3/2019
PhD Sohrab Amiri, Sepideh Behnezhad, Esfandiar Azad



Migraines have adverse psychological consequences, one of which is the tendency towards depression. This study aimed to investigate the effects of migraine on adults’ depression in the form of a systematic review and meta-analysis


Several scientific databases were searched using relevant keywords until the end of January 2018. After reviewing the titles and abstracts and the full texts, the researchers eventually included 16 eligible articles. Major and sub-group analyses were carried out using random effects. Publication bias was also measured.


Pooled Odd Ratio (PR) = 1.95; and 95% confidence interval (CI) = CI = 1.61–2.35 were obtained in studying the effects of migraine on depression. This effect was equal to OR = 1.81 (95% CI = 1.20–2.72) in cohort studies, and OR = 2.00; 95% CI = 1.64–2.43 in cross sectional studies. The heterogeneity was high, and no publication bias was found.


Migraine can play an important role in increasing the incidence of depression in affected patients. Therefore, identifying and ultimately treating the disease can be beneficial in reducing the negative psychological effects of this disease.

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