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memo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology 4/2021
memo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology

Ausgabe 4/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (23 Artikel)

01.12.2021 | ASCO 2021 | editorial

Best of ASCO 2021
Ewald Wöll

01.12.2021 | editorial

Practical issues in hematology
Klaus Geissler

01.12.2021 | editorial

Rare lung cancers—2021 update on challenges, advances, and opportunities
Andreas Pircher

Open Access 26.10.2021 | ASCO 2021 | short review

ASCO 2021—an update on metastastic colorectal cancer
Lukas Weiss

Open Access 11.10.2021 | ASCO 2021 | short review

ASCO 2021: Highlights in central nervous system tumors
Maximilian J. Mair, Anna S. Berghoff

Open Access 04.10.2021 | ASCO 2021 | short review

Best of ASCO 2021: new data from triple-negative breast cancer
Christian Singer

Open Access 27.10.2021 | ASCO 2021 | short review

ASCO 2021 highlights head and neck cancer: nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Thorsten Fuereder

25.10.2021 | ASCO 2021 | short review

Best of ASCO 2021—bladder cancer
Karl Mayrhofer, Dora Niedersüß-Beke

Open Access 08.10.2021 | ASCO 2021 | short review

ASCO 2021–Gastroesophageal tumor highlights
Aysegül Ilhan-Mutlu

21.10.2021 | ASCO 2021 | short review

Ovarian cancer—ASCO annual meeting update 2021
Johannes Schöche, Kathrin Strasser-Weippl

Open Access 18.10.2021 | ASCO 2021 | review

ASCO 2021—selection of personal highlights in early stage non-small cell lung cancer
Gudrun Absenger, Andreas Pircher

18.10.2021 | review

Practical considerations for the management of immune thrombocytopenic purpura
Michael Fillitz, Barbara Dixer, Felix Keil

12.10.2021 | short review

Pancytopenia—a diagnostic challenge?
Klaus Geissler

29.10.2021 | short review

Laboratory thrombophilia screening: essentials for hematologists
Paul A. Kyrle

18.06.2021 | original report

Value of autophagy-related gene 5 (ATG5) expression as a prognostic marker in adults with newly diagnosed acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL)
Rasha I. Ibrahim, Haydi S. Mohamed, Mary G. Nagib, Hebatullah M. Fares, Alia M. Saeed

20.08.2021 | comment

The double-edged sword of immune checkpoint inhibition in advanced staged thymic epithelial tumours
Wolfgang Jungraithmayr

Open Access 17.08.2021 | short review

Unresectable pleural mesothelioma—hope or still an unmet medical need?
Gudrun Absenger, Angelika Terbuch

Open Access 21.05.2021 | short review

Neuroendocrine neoplasms of the lung: a pathology update
Jasna Metovic, Marco Barella, Giuseppe Pelosi

06.07.2021 | case report

Detection of acquired resistance mutation ALK G1202R after treatment with alectinib and response of lorlatinib
A case report
Louisa Hempel, Jakob Molnar, Andreas Gaumann, Sebastian Robert, Josef Scheiber, Axel Kleespies, Kristina Riedmann, Susanne Schreiber, Beate Gandorfer, Armin Piehler, Dirk Hempel

Open Access 20.08.2021 | case report

Rare lung cancers—Primary pulmonary leiomyosarcoma: A case report
Laurenz Nagl, Andreas Seeber, Gerlig Widmann, Katja Schmitz, Herbert Maier, Georg Pall, Dominik Wolf, Andreas Pircher

Open Access 08.11.2021 | short review

The value of immunotherapy in pediatric leukemia and lymphoma
Elisabeth Salzer, Andishe Attarbaschi

20.09.2021 | case report

Ponatinib and palbociclib combination in TKI-resistant CML—A case report
Johannes B. Jaeger, Thomas Jaeger, Sandra Preuner, Petra Pusic, Isabella Sponseiler, Thomas Lion, Thomas Winder, Bernd Lorenz Hartmann

04.10.2021 | review

Is thymus and activation-regulated chemokine a forgotten diagnostic and minimal residual disease marker in classical Hodgkin lymphoma?
A chronological narrative literature review
Wael Khair

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