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memo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology 3/2019
memo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology

Ausgabe 3/2019


Inhaltsverzeichnis (24 Artikel)

01.09.2019 | editorial

News from ASH 2018—how can we afford innovation in the future?
Prof. Dr. med. Dominik Wolf

01.09.2019 | editorial

Immunosuppression and its complications
Univ.-Doz. Dr. med. Eberhard Gunsilius M.D.

01.09.2019 | editorial

Screening and prophylaxis of cancer
Holger Rumpold MD

01.09.2019 | editorial

Post San Antonio
PD Dr. Kathrin Strasser-Weippl MBA

20.09.2019 | short review

CML at the 2018 ASH meeting—selected presentations
Dr. Stefan Schmidt

17.09.2019 | special report

Highlights on chronic lymphocytic leukemia presented at the 2018 American Society of Hematology Meeting
Daniel Heintel MD

Open Access 12.08.2019 | short review

ASH 2018—Highlights in Multiple Myeloma
Dr. Georg Jeryczynski MD, Assoc. Prof. PD Dr. Maria-Theresa Krauth MD

30.07.2019 | short review

ASH 2018—aggressive lymphoma
Dr. Michael Panny

Open Access 17.05.2019 | short review

Update in thrombosis and hemostasis: ASH meeting 2018
Clemens Feistritzer MD

Open Access 10.07.2019 | review

Immunosuppression after renal transplantation
Hannes Neuwirt, Michael Rudnicki, Peter Schratzberger, Markus Pirklbauer, Andreas Kronbichler, Gert Mayer

01.07.2019 | short review

Skin tumours in organ transplant recipients—implications for the plastic surgeon
Johanna Krapf M.D., Gerhard Pierer M.D.

Open Access 12.07.2019 | short review

Risk of cancer after long-term therapy of autoimmune disorders with glucocorticoids or DMARDs—a controversial issue
OA Dr. Jakob D. Rudzki

15.08.2019 | short review

HIV-triggered lymphoma
Dr. Bernd Lorenz Hartmann, Michèle Desiré Atzl

25.07.2019 | short review

Cutaneous melanoma—The benefit of screening and preventive measures
Magdalena Seidl-Philipp MD, Van Anh Nguyen MD

Open Access 13.09.2019 | short review

Colorectal cancer screening and prevention—pros and cons
Markus Niederreiter, Lukas Niederreiter, Andreas Schmiderer, Herbert Tilg, Angela Djanani

Open Access 28.08.2019 | review

PSA screening—a matter of debate?
MD, PhD, Associate Professor Isabel Heidegger

17.07.2019 | short review

Checkpoint inhibitors in head and neck cancer
Dr. Ilson Sepulveda, Rodrigo Ascui, A. Andrés Capizzano

Open Access 15.08.2019 | short review

Systemic treatment of metastatic breast cancer: SABCS 2018
Theresa Westphal, Simon Peter Gampenrieder, Richard Greil MD

Open Access 25.07.2019 | Onkologie und Hämatologie | short review

Post San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2018
Local and operative therapy, radiotherapy
PD Dr. Ruth Exner F.E.B.S.

16.07.2019 | short review

Post San Antonio: immunotherapy, chemotherapy and new combinations
Karl Mayrhofer MD, Kathrin Strasser-Weippl MD, MBA

02.08.2019 | short review

Cure is not enough! Why it is time to act and close the gap
Survivors speaking up
Carina Schneider, Jaap den Hartogh, Katharina Feckter, Zuzana Tomášiková, Anita Kienesberger, CCI Europe Survivors Network, CCI Europe

Open Access 07.08.2019 | case report

A wearable cardioverter defibrillator for prevention of sudden cardiac death in a hematologic patient—a case report
Stefan Hatzl, Hildegard T. Greinix, Philipp Kreuzer, Eduard Schulz, Peter Neumeister, Daniel Scherr

Open Access 12.06.2019 | case report

Immunotherapeutic approach to a case of advanced hepatoid adenocarcinoma of the lung
Anthony El Khoury, Marc El Khoury, Russel De Luca

12.06.2019 | case report

Head and neck Langerhans cell histiocytosis: two case reports and review of the literature
Dr. Ilson Sepúlveda, Ignacio Mendoza, Romina Novoa, Geraldine Ayres, Nadia Inostroza, J Patricio Ulloa, Francisco Rivas-Rodriguez