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Ausgabe 2/2024

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Congress update 2023—ASCO and ESMO

Rupert Bartsch


Antibody–drug conjugates (ADC special)—part 1

Simon Peter Gampenrieder

Open Access review

The future of clinical trials—goals, ideas, and discussion

Michael Gnant, Manuela Gili, Magdalena Schwarz, Christian Fesl, Dominik Hlauschek, Anita Jallitsch-Halper, Hannes Fohler

Open Access short review

Upper-GI highlights from ASCO and ASCO-GI 2023 meetings: changing paradigm in treatment sequence

Aysegül Ilhan-Mutlu, Elisabeth Sophie Bergen

Open Access short review

Treatment-changing news in urogenital cancer—a brief unstructured narrative review based on findings presented at the ESMO 2023 conference

Alexander Jakob Zgubic, Marianne Leitsmann, Sascha Ahyai, Martin Pichler

Open Access short review

ASCO 2023: highlights in breast cancer

Rupert Bartsch

Open Access short review

Pulmonary puzzles: salivary gland-type tumors of the lung and their metastatic equivalents

Gheorghe-Emilian Olteanu, Luka Brcic

Open Access short review

Rare oncogenic alterations in NSCLC—focus on atypical EGFR mutations

Yana Sharapova, Sonja Loges, Melanie Janning

Open Access short review

Diagnosis and management of mediastinal extragonadal germ cell tumors

Axel Heidenreich, Pia Paffenholz, David Pfister

Open Access short review

Antibody–drug conjugates in ovarian cancer

Barin Feroz, Christian Marth, Alain Gustave Zeimet

Open Access short review

Antibody–drug conjugates in the treatment of lymphoid neoplasms

Peter Neumeister, Katharina Theresa Prochazka

Open Access short review

Brief update on systemic therapies in myeloproliferative neoplasms

Janine Steichen, Dominik Wolf

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