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Ausgabe 1/2012

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E. Gunsilius


Cardiac amyloidosis

J. Dörler, G. Pölzl

Short review

Renal aspects of amyloidosis

D. Heininger

Short review

Therapy of AL amyloidosis – work-up and treatment at our centre

C. Kimmich, U. Hegenbart, H. Goldschmidt, A. D. Ho, S. Schönland

Case report

Continuous treatment with lenalidomide in multiple myeloma: a case report

E. Müldür, A. Weißmann, C. Leitgeb, N. Zojer, M. Schreder, D. Heintel, H. Ludwig


Prevention and treatment of febrile neutropenia

F. Weissinger, W. J. Heinz

Original article

Treatment of radiation-induced mucocutaneous toxicity

M. Becker-Schiebe, F. Lordick, W. Hoffmann

Short review

Medical aspects in oncological rehabilitation

J. Klocker, U. Klocker-Kaiser, D. Geissler

Short review

Drug-induced osteonecrosis of the jaw

P. Bergmeister, K. Gasser, A. Lang

Short review

Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours – new therapeutic concepts

M. Troch, B. Kiesewetter, Markus Raderer

Case report

Parenteral nutrition for symptom control in a patient with pancreatic cancer and generalized oedema – a case report

R. Simanek, A. Henry, D. Weixler, B. Hammerl-Ferrari, K. Geissler, H. Watzke

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