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01.08.2015 | Case Report | Ausgabe 4/2015

European Surgery 4/2015

Littoral cell angioma of the spleen: case report and literature review

European Surgery > Ausgabe 4/2015
MD O. B. Namdaroglu, MD Y. Sevim, MD O. Yildirim, MD E. Ozhamam, Assoc. Prof. B. Kocer



Littoral cell angioma (LCA) is a rare vascular tumor of the spleen which is usually benign and sometimes associated with other malignancies. The diagnosis of LCA is based on histopathological examination with specific immunohistochemical stainings.

Material and methods

We report a case of LCA 40-year-old male patient.


The patient admitted with nonspecific left upper abdominal pain and identified splenomegaly and nodular splenic lesion by abdominal ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging. Splenectomy was performed, and tumor cells were stained diffusely with factor 8 and CD68, focally with S-100 in the immunohistochemical examination. The vascular structures of the lesion were stained with CD34 without CD31.


Long-term follow-up for suspicious malignant potential is advised.

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