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01.10.2012 | Case Report | Ausgabe 5/2012

European Surgery 5/2012

Laparoscopic omental folding: a new procedure to prevent omental wraps of continuous peritoneal dialysis catheters

European Surgery > Ausgabe 5/2012
MD Assoc. Prof. M. Kaya, MD M. E. Boleken, MD M. Soran, MD Prof. S. Yucesan
Wichtige Hinweise
This study has been presented at the 25th Congress of Turkish Pediatric Surgeons, October 22–26, 2007 Çeşme-Turkey, on a video presentation section, and at the 12th Congress of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis, June 21–24, 2008 Istanbul, Turkey.



The authors describe a new procedure to prevent omental wrapping in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis.

Case report

Four boys with end-stage renal diseases underwent laparoscopic omental folding with intracorporeal suturing and a double-cuffed catheter was pulled through into the abdominal cavity using a trocar site and positioned. Peritoneal dialysis was initiated immediately after surgery.


No intraoperative complications occurred. All catheters functioned well postoperatively. After a median follow-up period of 48 months, the results revealed no catheter malfunction or any abdominal complication.


Laparoscopic omental folding is feasible in children, but further well-designed prospective studies are needed to evaluate the advantages of our technique.

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