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Open Access 24.03.2023 | perspective

Homeopathy—A lively relic of the prescientific era

Homeopathy was first postulated by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 and 220 years later homeopathy is the most popular and widespread alternative medicine. Partly, it is also part of the national healthcare and insurance systems but …

verfasst von:
Yannick Borkens, Udo Endruscheit, Christian W. Lübbers

Open Access 09.03.2023 | original article

Statements of Austrian hospices and palliative care units after the implementation of the law on assisted suicide

A qualitative study of web-based publications

In Austria, assisted suicide (AS) is regulated by the recently adopted federal Assisted Dying Act (Sterbeverfügungsgesetz, StVfG) Federal Law Gazette (Bundesgesetzblatt) BGBl. I Nr. 242/2021, which allows terminally ill people access to medically …

verfasst von:
Anna Kitta, MD, M.Sc., Franziska Ecker, MD, Elisabeth Lucia Zeilinger, M.Sc., PhD, Lea Kum, MD, Feroniki Adamidis, MD, Eva Katharina Masel, MD, Ph.D., MSc

07.03.2023 | original article

Primary tumor SUVmax and ratio of SUVmax to primary tumor size on pretreatment 18F-FDG-PET/CT scan in small cell lung cancer

Which is superior for the prognosis?

18 Fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography-computed tomography ( 18 F‑FDG-PET-CT) is the standard modality for staging and prognosis prediction for a variety of tumors, including small cell lung cancer (SCLC) [ 1 ]. Standardized uptake …

verfasst von:
Dr. Faruk Tas, Akın Ozturk, Kayhan Erturk

24.02.2023 | review article

Global prevalence of constipation in older adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Constipation is one of the most common functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract [ 1 , 2 ]. This disorder is defined as the inefficiency of bowel movements. It includes incomplete, reduced frequency of or painful bowel movements, and stiff …

verfasst von:
Nader Salari, Mohammadrasool Ghasemianrad, Mojtaba Ammari-Allahyari, Shabnam Rasoulpoor, Shamarina Shohaimi, Masoud Mohammadi

20.02.2023 | original article

Patient adherence to fully reimbursed proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 inhibitor (PCSK9i) treatment

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the most common cause of death in industrialized countries [ 1 ]. It accounts for 3.9 million deaths every year and is responsible for 45% of all deaths in Europe and 37% of all deaths in the European Union [ 2 ].

verfasst von:
Alissia Stummer, Robin Ristl, Bernhard Kogler, Melanie Muskovich, Michael Kossmeier, Thomas M. Stulnig

10.02.2023 | original article

Non-genetic physicians’ knowledge, attitudes and behavior towards medical genetics

To examine the knowledge, behavior, and attitudes toward medical genetics among obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and neurology residents and specialists, who encounter the highest number of patients with specific genetic disorders, in their …

verfasst von:
Tea Mladenić, Martina Mavrinac, Sanja Dević Pavlić, Anna Malnar, Matea Matić, Sara Mikić, Saša Ostojić, assistant professor Nina Pereza, MD, PhD

Open Access 10.02.2023 | original article

Common procedures and conditions leading to inpatient hospital admissions in adults with and without diabetes from 2015 to 2019 in Germany

A comparison of frequency, length of hospital stay and complications

Approximately 8 million people with documented diabetes mellitus were living in Germany in 2020, implying a type 2 diabetes (T2D) prevalence of about 9% [ 1 ]. While the estimated number of undiagnosed cases decreased from around 2 million in …

verfasst von:
Alexander J. Eckert, Prof. Dr. Andreas Fritsche, Prof. Dr. Andrea Icks, Prof. Dr. Erhard Siegel, Dr. Annabel S. Mueller-Stierlin, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Karges, Dr. Joachim Rosenbauer, Marie Auzanneau, Prof. Dr. Reinhard W. Holl

Open Access 09.02.2023 | original article

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the epidemiology of severe burns

A single center study from a specialized burn center in Vienna

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has challenged the healthcare system for almost 2 years now and affects the management and treatment of intensive care unit (ICU) patients worldwide. Specialized centers for severely burned patients …

verfasst von:
Alexandra Christ, Clement J. Staud, Matthias Wielscher, Annika Resch, Maryana Teufelsbauer, Christine Radtke

Open Access 02.02.2023 | short report

Integrating avatar technology into a telemedicine application in heart failure patients

A pilot study

Heart failure (HF) is a severe syndrome with high morbidity and mortality [ 1 ]. It affects 1–3% of the general population in western countries and nearly 10% of the very old (≥ 80 years of age) [ 2 ]. Healthcare consumption of HF patients is …

verfasst von:
Arno Joachim Gingele, MD, Hesam Amin, Aniek Vaassen, Ivana Schnur, Cathy Pearl, Hans-Peter Brunner-La Rocca, Josiane Boyne

Open Access 12.01.2023 | original article

Frailty as a predictor of mortality and readmission rate in secondary mitral regurgitation

Valvular heart disease (VHD) affects 50% of the population aged 65 years and older, with a general increase in age and higher prevalence in men and is also a common reason for heart failure (HF) in this population [ 1 ]. Given increasing life …

verfasst von:
Robert Uzel, Richard Rezar, Raphael Romano Bruno, Sarah Wernly, Christian Jung, Georg Delle Karth, Christian Datz, Friedrich Hoppichler, Bernhard Wernly

10.01.2023 | letter to the editors

Letter to the editor on Eppinger and Deutsch

verfasst von:
Em. Prof. Alexander Kiss

Open Access 04.01.2023 | original article

Recovery and stress of control center dispatchers in the first waves of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

Control center dispatchers (CCDs) are exposed to high levels of work-related mental stress, which are exacerbated by the current severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic. The aim of this study was to comparatively …

verfasst von:
Heiko Schumann, Beatrice Thielmann, MD, Julia Botscharow, Irina Böckelmann

Open Access 03.01.2023 | original article

Patients’ perception of changes and consequences after tumor resection

A qualitative study in Austrian patients with musculoskeletal malignancies

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that 71% of deaths are due to noncommunicable diseases; cancer is the second most common of the four most noncommunicable diseases [ 1 ]. The diagnosis of sarcoma and other musculoskeletal malignancies and …

verfasst von: Carmen Trost, BA MA, Stephan Heisinger, Philipp T. Funovics, Reinhard Windhager, Gerhard M. Hobusch, Tanja Stamm

30.12.2022 | original article

Beneficial effects of Helicobacter pylori eradication in systemic sclerosis patients

The exact etiology of systemic sclerosis (SSc) is still unclear, but it has long been suggested that exposure to certain environmental factors, such as bacterial infections, in genetically predisposed individuals may trigger an autoimmune response …

verfasst von:
Mislav Radić, MD PhD, Dušanka Martinović Kaliterna, Damir Bonacin, Jadranka Morović Vergles, Josipa Radić, Damir Fabijanić, Vedran Kovačić

30.12.2022 | main topic

Relationship between exercise capacity and impulse oscillometry parameters after COVID-19 infections

The infection caused by the new type of coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), was named as coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) [ 1 ]. After acute …

verfasst von:
Ipek Candemir, MD, Pinar Ergun, MD, Mustafa Engin Şahin, MD, Harun Karamanli, MD

Open Access 28.12.2022 | original article

Reproducibility of the 6-minute walk test in lung transplant recipients

The 6‑minute walk test (6MWT) measures the distance an individual can walk in 6min and is the most widely used activity based test to assess exercise capacity both in patients with chronic respiratory diseases (CRD) facing LuTX and in lung …

verfasst von:
Gerold R. Ebenbichler, Gabriella Murakoezy, Julia Kohlmann, Richard Habenicht, Thomas Kienbacher, Peter Jaksch, Patrick Mair, Konrad Hoetzenecker

Open Access 28.12.2022 | original article

Prevalence and dynamics of NAFLD-associated fibrosis in people living with HIV in Vienna from first presentation to last follow-up

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) represents one of the major causes of liver-related morbidity and mortality worldwide and affects adults as well as children [ 1 – 3 ]. The current global prevalence of NAFLD is estimated at 25%; however …

verfasst von:
Caroline Schwarz, David Chromy, David Bauer, Nikki Duong, Victor Ulrich Schmidbauer, Michael Schwarz, Mattias Mandorfer, Armin Rieger, Michael Trauner, Michael Gschwantler, Thomas Reiberger, M.D.

Open Access 23.12.2022 | original article

A novel set of Austrian reference unit costs for comprehensive societal perspectives consistent with latest European costing methods for economic evaluations

Decision making in public health often happens against the background of scarce resources. The systematic use of economic evaluations can be a main enabler in the alignment of public health goals with budgetary constraints. However, the lack of …

verfasst von:
Michael Berger, Susanne Mayer, Judit Simon

22.12.2022 | letter to the editors

Reply to comments on Valerie Weihs et al. Red blood cell distribution width and Charlson comorbidity index help to identify frail polytraumatized patients

Experiences from a level I trauma center
verfasst von:
Dr. Valerie Weihs, Martin Frossard

Open Access 22.12.2022 | original article

Ethics teaching in medical school: the perception of medical students

Medical knowledge and skills are undoubtedly the basis of medical education; however, with every medical decision, various aspects must be considered. Among these are ethics, morality, and legal factors, which also play a significant role in the …

verfasst von:
Lorenz Faihs, Carla Neumann-Opitz, Franz Kainberger, Christiane Druml