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18.02.2019 | letter to the editors

How important is oxygen titration in hypercapnic COPD exacerbation?

Msc Irena Sarc, Kristina Ziherl, PhD Antonio M. Esquinas

04.02.2019 | review article Open Access

What’s new in the ESC 2018 guidelines for arterial hypertension

The ten most important messages

The new guidelines on hypertension of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) 2018 have refined the treatment cut-offs and therapy decisions in adults. This review highlights important recommendations of the guidelines and also on the situation …

MD, FESC Univ. Prof. Jutta Bergler-Klein

04.02.2019 | original article

Diagnostic delay in patients with inflammatory bowel disease in Austria

The diagnosis of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), including Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC), can be a challenge and be delayed due to a broad variety of types and intensity of presenting symptoms, which may be unspecific and …

M.D Gottfried Novacek, M.D. Hans Peter Gröchenig, M.D. Thomas Haas, M.D. Heimo Wenzl, M.D. Pius Steiner, M.D. Robert Koch, M.D. Thomas Feichtenschlager, M.D. Gerald Eckhardt, M.D. Andreas Mayer, M.D. Andreas Kirchgatterer, M.D. Othmar Ludwiczek, M.D. Reingard Platzer, M.D. Pavol Papay, M.D. Johanna Gartner, M.D. Harry Fuchssteiner, M.D. Wolfgang Miehsler, M.D. Paul-Gerhard Peters, M.D. Gerhard Reicht, M.D. Harald Vogelsang, M.D. Clemens Dejaco, PhD Thomas Waldhör, Austrian IBD Study Group (ATISG)

28.01.2019 | original article

The European COPD audit

Adherence to guidelines, readmission risk and hospital care for acute exacerbations in Austria

Acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD) are the major reason for hospitalization in patients with COPD and result in a greater risk for readmission and mortality [ 1 , 2 ]. In the past, a number of publications …

Robab Breyer-Kohansal, Sylvia Hartl, Marie-Kathrin Breyer, Andrea Schrott, Michael Studnicka, Daniel Neunhäuserer, Gerhard Fülöp, Otto Chris Burghuber

05.12.2018 | original article Open Access

Comparison of native myocardial T1 and T2 mapping at 1.5T and 3T in healthy volunteers

Reference values and clinical implications

Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMRI) is the gold standard in noninvasive myocardial tissue characterization [ 1 ]; however, early, subtle or diffuse myocardial tissue changes may not be evident using late gadolinium enhancement or conventional …

Marcel Granitz, Lukas J. Motloch, Christina Granitz, Matthias Meissnitzer, Wolfgang Hitzl, Klaus Hergan, Alexander Schlattau

23.11.2018 | images in clinical medicine

Importance of endomyocardial biopsy in distinguishing between cardiac sarcoidosis and giant cell myocarditis

Need to distinguish between sarcoidosis and giant cell myocarditis
Petr Kuchynka, M.D., Ph.D. Tomas Palecek, Lukas Lambert, Antonin Fikrle, Ivana Vitkova, Martin Masek, Sudheera Magage, Ales Linhart

19.11.2018 | original article Open Access

Factors limiting physical activity after acute type A aortic dissection

Acute aortic dissection Stanford type A (involving the ascending aorta) is a fatal disease with a mortality of at least 50% within 14 days that can be reduced to 15–20% by emergency surgery; however, when the patients are discharged long-term …

MD Associate Professor Thomas Schachner, Fabian Garrido, Nikolaos Bonaros, Christoph Krapf, Julia Dumfarth, Michael Grimm

12.11.2018 | original article

Assessment of children with pectus excavatum without surgical correction

Pectus excavatum (PE) is the most common abnormality of the anterior chest wall in children [ 1 ]. Idiopathic PE may be associated with a variety of lung function abnormalities even in the absence of obvious clinical symptoms [ 2 ]; however, PE …

Elena Amăricăi, Oana Suciu, Roxana Ramona Onofrei, Roxana Steliana Miclăuș, Liliana Cațan, Simona Cerbu, Călin Marius Popoiu

12.11.2018 | original article

Alprostadil treatment of critical limb ischemia in hemodialysis patients

A retrospective single-center analysis

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a widely underestimated and neglected condition with a prevalence of 4% in the general adult population [ 1 ]. The frequency of PAD is even higher in individuals suffering from chronic kidney disease, with the …

Wolfgang Popp, Florian Knoll, Hannelore Sprenger-Mähr, Emanuel Zitt, MD Karl Lhotta

12.11.2018 | original article Open Access

Fulfillment of physical activity guidelines in the general population and frailty status in the elderly population

A correlation study of data from 11 European countries

Frailty is a geriatric syndrome characterized by increased vulnerability and is associated with higher risk of disabilities, falls, morbidity, hospitalization, nursing home admission, and mortality [ 1 – 3 ]. As such it presents a substantial …

Sandra Haider, Igor Grabovac, Thomas E. Dorner

29.10.2018 | original article

Epidemiological characteristics of orbital cellulitis among adult population in the Split region, Croatia

There are few diseases in ophthalmology which can have fatal outcome and one of them is orbital cellulitis. Orbital cellulitis is an ocular emergency. If untreated, it can be potentially sight and life-threatening. Orbital cellulitis is a …

MD, PhD Prof. Milan Ivanišević, Petar Ivanišević, Mladen Lešin

06.08.2018 | original article

Indicators of smartphone addiction and stress score in university students

Smartphone addiction is one of the most common non-drug addictions, accompanied by negative effects, such as depression, anxiety, self-disclosure, impaired academic performance, family life and human relationships. The aim of the present study was …

MD, PhD Assoc. Professor Șerban Gligor, MD, PhD Assoc. Professor Ioana Mozoș