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13.09.2017 | Vitreoretinal Disorders and Vitrectomy | Ausgabe 1/2018

Spektrum der Augenheilkunde 1/2018

Hybrid 20/23-gauge vitrectomy in a patient with retained intraocular air-gun pellet

A case report

Spektrum der Augenheilkunde > Ausgabe 1/2018
MD, PhD, FEBO Prof. Dr. Nelly Sivkova, MD Vladimir Stavrev


Eye injuries caused by air-gun pellets are some of the most severe ocular injuries and can lead to loss of vision. We present the case of a 16-year-old boy with a retained intraocular air-gun pellet who underwent hybrid 20/23-gauge phacovitrectomy with foreign body removal and silicone oil tamponade. The patient’s visual acuity before surgery was perception of light. Computer tomography scans detected the intraocular localization of a metal foreign body. Once removed, the air-gun pellet was revealed to be 7 mm long. Traumatic cataract, vitreous hemorrhage, and retinal detachment were present. During the 3‑month follow-up period there were no signs of inflammation. Best-corrected visual acuity reached 20/200.

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