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06.09.2019 | review article | Ausgabe 17-18/2019

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 17-18/2019

How can maturity-onset diabetes of the young be identified among more common diabetes subtypes?

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift > Ausgabe 17-18/2019
M.D., Ph.D. Jana Urbanova, M.D., Ph.D. Ludmila Brunerova, M.D. Jan Broz
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Maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY) represents a diabetes type which has an enormous clinical impact. It significantly alters treatment, refines a patient’s prognosis and enables early detection of diabetes in relatives. Nevertheless, when diabetes is manifested the vast majority of MODY patients are not correctly diagnosed, but mostly falsely included among patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, in many cases permanently. The aim of this article is to offer a simple and comprehensible guide for recognizing individuals with MODY hidden among adult patients with another type of long-term diabetes and in women with gestational diabetes.

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