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11.11.2019 | main topic | Ausgabe 23-24/2019 Open Access

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 23-24/2019

Functional outcome after recurrent patellar dislocation

Comparison of two surgical techniques—Medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction (MPFL) vs. Elmslie Trillat procedure

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift > Ausgabe 23-24/2019
Dr. Mohammad Keilani, Stefano Palma, Richard Crevenna, Camilla Gaudart, Timothy Hasenöhrl, Martin Reschl, Nadine Huto, Stefan Hajdu, Harald K. Widhalm
Wichtige Hinweise
Keilani Mohammad and Palma Stefano have contributed equally.

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There is no final consensus regarding the ideal surgical technique for the treatment of patellar dislocation. The aim of this retrospective pilot study was to describe muscle strength, body composition, self-reported physical performance, and pain in male patients after patellar dislocation treatment with two different surgical techniques: medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction vs. the Elmslie-Trillat procedure.


Isokinetic testing of knee extensor muscles was performed using a Biodex System 3 pro dynamometer at an angular velocity of 60°/s. Body composition was measured with bioelectrical impedance analysis (Nutribox). Self-reported physical performance and pain were assessed by the SF-36 subscales of physical functioning, role physical and bodily pain. The outcome variables of peak torque normalized to participant’s body mass (Nm/kg), lean body mass, phase angle, self-reported physical performance, and pain were compared between the study groups.


Of the 12 included male patients, 6 had been treated with MPFL reconstruction (age: median = 33 years, range = 18–38 years; BMI: median = 26 kg/m2, range = 23–29) and 6 with the Elmslie-Trillat procedure (age: median = 26 years, range = 19–32 years; BMI: median = 23 kg/m2, range = 19–28). No statistically significant differences were found between the groups in any outcome parameter of muscle strength, body composition, self-reported physical performance, or pain.


The results of the present pilot study revealed that MPFL reconstruction shows equal results to the Elmslie-Trillat procedure, with respect to isokinetic knee muscle strength, body composition, self-reported physical performance and pain in male patients suffering from recurrent patellar dislocation.

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