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30.06.2020 | case report | Ausgabe 3/2020

memo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology 3/2020

Four lines of immunochemotherapy combinations in a young patient with an aggressive metastatic colorectal cancer

memo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology > Ausgabe 3/2020
Frédéric H. Witte, Wolfgang Hilbe, Ercan Müldür
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We report on a 42-year-old woman with colorectal cancer of the sigmoid colon with synchronous pulmonary metastases being treated since June of 2016. With a poorly differentiated, KRAS, NRAS and BRAF wildtype cancer and an advanced stage of the disease we look back to almost four years of treatment and a sequence consisting of four lines of polychemotherapy. Dynamic treatment without achieving relevant treatment-free periods resulted in a satisfying quality of life and prolonged overall survival. Exceptional cases in young and very fit patients support the benefit of a more aggressive treatment strategy.

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