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Surgery today: smile clears the tide

F. M. Riegler


The times they are a-changing’

T. Hölzenbein

Main Topic

Postoperative blood pressure in patients undergoing eversion carotid endarterectomy with or without resection of the carotid sinus nerve

K. Linni, M. Aspalter, D. Neureiter, W. Hitzl, H. Magometschnigg, T. Hölzenbein

Main Topic

Management of atherosclerotic supraaortic lesions

K. Linni, M. Aspalter, P. Metzger, H. Magometschnigg, T. Hölzenbein

Main Topic

The all autologous vein policy in infrainguinal bypass surgery

Th. Hölzenbein, M. Aspalter, P. Metzger, F. Enzmann, W. Dabernig, K. Linni


In memoriam Prof. Georg Kretschmer

Thomas Hölzenbein

Original Article

Can polyglactin mesh be used for prevention of seroma after mastectomy: an experimental study

L. Yeniay, Ö.V. Ünalp, A. Uğuz, M. Ünver, A.C. Karaca, T.Ö. Sezer, T. Yoldaş, H.B. Demir, O. Zekioğlu, M. Kapkaç, R. Yilmaz

Original Article

Xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis: an analysis of 55 cases

M. N. Kosar, A. Ongen, B. R. Karakas, M. Habibi, G. Cantilav, N. Bulbuller

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