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European Surgery

Ausgabe 6/2010

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Training in Surgery – not what it used to be!

H.-J. Mischinger, H. Hauser, G. Werkgartner

Main Topic

Epidemiology, molecular changes, histopathology and diagnosis of colorectal cancer

T. Laubert, J. K. Habermann, F. G. Bader, T. Jungbluth, H. Esnaashari, H.-P. Bruch, U. J. Roblick, G. Auer

Main Topic

Surgery for rectal cancer (conventional open surgery)

L. Påhlman, Z. Krivocapic

Main Topic

Laparoscopic resection for rectal cancer

U. J. Roblick, F. G. Bader, T. Jungbluth, T. Laubert, R. Bouchard, H.-P. Bruch

Main Topic

Adjuvant and neoadjuvant therapy in colorectal cancer

N. Jacobi, F. Gieseler

Main Topic

Palliative endoscopic and chemotherapeutic treatment

M. Pohl, A. Reinacher-Schick, W. Schmiegel

Original Scientific Paper

The impact of emergency surgery on results of femoral hernia repair

N. Roth, O. Gangl, W. Havlicek, R. Függer

Original Scientific Paper

Prevention of incisional hernia by mesh implantation after median laparotomy: a preclinical trial

C. Hollinsky, S. Sandberg, H. Pokorny, A. Tuchmann

Short Communication

Comparison of collagen scaffold tubes for possible esophagus organ tissue engineering applications: In-situ omental implantation study in an ovine model

A. K. Saxena, K. A. Faraj, W. F. Damen, T. H. van Kuppevelt, R. Weijnen, H. Ainoedhofer, M. E. Hollwarth