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European Surgery 5/2014
European Surgery

Ausgabe 5/2014


Inhaltsverzeichnis (7 Artikel)

01.11.2014 | Editorial

Surgery today: How to keep the golden mean within our academy?
F. M. Riegler

01.11.2014 | Review

What is the role of the sleeve gastrectomy in the surgical treatment of morbid obesity?
Dr. Ahmed Guirat, Martino Guenzi, Paulo Pereira, Ioan Bachner

Open Access 01.11.2014 | Original Article

The effects of sleeve gastrectomy on hormonal regulation of glucose metabolism in Goto–Kakizaki rats
Z. Zhu, X. Yang, K. Wang, Z. Wang, Y. Zhao, M. Yu

01.11.2014 | Original Article

Early protective ileostomy closure following stoma formation with a dual-sided absorbable adhesive barrier
G. Köhler MD, Doz. Dr. G. Spaun MD, Dr. R.-R. Luketina MD, Dr. S. A. Antoniou MD, Doz. Dr. O. O. Koch MD, Prof. Dr. K. Emmanuel MD

01.11.2014 | Original Article

Effects of different intra-abdominal pressure values on different organs: what should be the ideal pressure?
H. R. Aydin MD, Assist. Prof. S. Kesici MD, Assist. Prof. U. Kesici, Assist. Prof. I. Saygin, Assoc. Prof. H. Ulusoy, Prof. M. Imamoglu, Prof. O. Deger

01.11.2014 | Original Article

Giant cell and granulomatous myocarditis necessitating cardiac transplantation: clinical, gross, and histopathological findings
C. M. Steger MD, D. Höfer, H. Antretter

01.11.2014 | Original Article

Comparison between simultaneous resection and staged resection of synchronous colorectal cancer with resectable liver metastases: a meta-analysis
S. M. Bijukchhe MS, L. Heping MS, Prof. L. Tao PhD, MS