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European Surgery

Ausgabe 5/2007

Treatment of Esophageal Cancer – Part II (Editor: Johannes Zacherl)

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Main Topic

Limited surgery for 'early' cancer of the esophagus

A. H. Hölscher, D. Vallböhmer, W. Schröder, E. Bollschweiler

Main Topic

Palliative endoscopic interventions in esophageal cancer

F. B. Langer, J. Zacherl


The truth behind the "rule of twos" the Meckel diverticulum revised

F. X. Felberbauer, B. Niederle, B. Teleky

Original Scientific Paper

Tissue levels of interleukins 6, 8 and of tumor necrosis factor alpha in the wall of ruptured and asymptomatic abdominal aortic aneurysms

V. Treska, J. Kocova, L. Boudova, O. Topolcan, J. Molacek, Z. Tonar

Case Report

Unrecognized post cholecystectomy segmental hepatic duct injury requiring right hemihepatectomy

Z. Šubrt, A. Ferko, M. Leško, B. Jon, Z. Papík, Z. Vacek

Case Report

Pseudomyxoma peritonei due to a ruptured mucinous cystadenoma of the spleen

S. Kapoor, S. Naik, S. Sharma, S. Varshney

Short Communication

Squamous cell cancer, basal cell cancer and melanoma in a single liver transplant recipient

W. W. Nields, H. Bonatti, D. Harnois, R. Hinder, J. Nguyen, R. C. Dickson, J. Aranda-Michel, H. W. Randle

Book Review

Martin Riegler

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