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European Surgery

Ausgabe 4/2010

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The semiotics of disease

F. M. Riegler


Rectal cancer: the impact of lymph node dissection and preoperative radiation in the era of total mesorectal excision

M. Maak, U. Nitsche, L. Wert, M. Shibayama, K.-P. Janssen, H. Friess, R. Rosenberg

Original Scientific Paper

Spray application of fibrin sealant with an angled spray tip device in laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair

R. H. Fortelny, A. H. Petter-Puchner, Z. Khakpour, C. May, K. Mika, K. S. Glaser, H. Redl

Original Scientific Paper

Adenoviral transfer in the liver: a novel in vivo simulation model in the rat

E. Matevossian, V. Assfalg, A. Novotny, D. Reim, Ch. Schmaderer, H. D. Kern, J. Nährig, D. Doll, N. Hüser

Original Scientific Paper

Emergency surgery for enteric and colonic intussusception in adults

B. Franz, C. Rabl, D. Neureiter, D. Öfner, K. Emmanuel

Case Report

Laparoscopic management of associated abdominal complications of ventriculoperitoneal shunt: case report

G. Ghidirim, I. Mishin, G. Zastavnitsky, V. Spataru, M. Brinza

Case Report

Jejunogastric intussusceptions

N. Panda, M. Gumta, M. Karmakar, R. Das, M. M. Nandi

Case Report

Ectopic thymoma mimicking a pleuropericardial cyst: a case report

L. Ionescu, Cr. Dragomir, R. Dănilă, C. Rădulescu, I. Trifescu, D. Butcovan

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Book Reviews

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