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Ausgabe 4/2007

Breast Reconstruction (Editor: H. Koch)

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Breast reconstruction

H. Koch

Main Topic

Sociology of breast tissue

C. Lammer, A. Titscher, K. Schrögendorfer, N. Kropf, B. Karle, W. Haslik, U. Travniczek, M. Frey

Main Topic

Immediate breast reconstruction – a review of indications, techniques and results

M. Frey, K. Schrögendorfer, N. Kropf, B. Karle, W. Haslik, C. Lammer

Original Scientific Paper

Oral anticoagulation or antiaggregation after femoro-popliteal saphenous vein bypass? A retrospective analysis of 243 cases

K. Linni, W. Hitzl, Th. Greim, S. Hittler, J. Uy, S. Koulas, A. Ugurluoglu, Th. Hölzenbein

Original Scientific Paper

Clinical outcome and microbial flora in patients with secondary and tertiary peritonitis

P. Panhofer, M. Riedl, B. Izay, V. Ferenc, M. Ploder, R. Jakesz, P. Götzinger

Case Report

Acute acalculous cholecystitis – a rare postoperative complication following kidney transplantation

Th. Schwierz, U. Fröschl, A. Krause, J. Berenberg-Gossler, R. Függer

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