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European Surgery

Ausgabe 4/2005

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

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H. Millesi

Main Topic

Peripheral nerve regeneration

V. Sahni, Y. Qi, S. Frostick

Main Topic

Collagen tube lined with genetically modified Schwann cells with increased motility: A new promising bioartificial nerve graft

A. I. Gravvanis, A. Lavdas, A. E. Papalois, D. A. Tsoutsos, P. N. Panayotou, D. C.-C. Chuang, I. Franceschini, M. Dubois-Dalcq, R. Matsas

Main Topic

Morphology after synergistic terminal end-to-side nerve graft repair: Investigation in a nonhuman primate model

R. Schmidhammer, T. Hausner, S. Zandieh, L. E. Pelinka, H. Redl

Main Topic

Muscle balance: An important factor for nerve regeneration

H. Millesi, S. Tsolakidis

Original Scientific Paper

Distal intramural spread of rectal cancer

P. Vávra, M. Rydlova, A. Pelikan, M. Vavrova, L. Martinek, P. Gunkova, I. Gunka

Original Scientific Paper

The effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on arachidonic acid- and collagen-induced platelet CD62P expression

A. M. Blaicher, H. Schoenfeld, H. T. Landsteiner, I. Volf, J. Zwerina, K. Hoerauf

Case Report

Traumatic disruption of the diaphragm: emergency diagnosis and treatment

J. E. Losanoff, B. W. Richman, D. D. Asparouhova, J. W. Jones

Case Report

Small-bowel obstruction due to a gastric bezoar during enzymatic treatment

B. Kantarceken, E. Bulbuloglu, H. Cıralik, A. Cetinkaya, F. Ezberci