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European Surgery 3/2021
European Surgery

Ausgabe 3/2021

Surgery of the Gallbladder


Inhaltsverzeichnis (9 Artikel)

01.06.2021 | editorial

European Surgery—publisher’s report 2020
Dr. Alois Sillaber

01.06.2021 | editorial

Surgery unites the world: beyond R0 resection of greed, envy and hate.
Doz. Dr. Martin Riegler

01.06.2021 | editorial

Surgery of the gallbladder
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Mischinger

01.06.2021 | perspective

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in critically ill patients
Arvin Imamovic, Doris Wagner MD, Peter Kornprat, Heinz Bacher, Georg Werkgartner, Hans-Joerg Mischinger

Open Access 10.09.2020 | main topic

The “critical view of safety (CVS)” cannot be applied—What to do? Strategies to avoid bile duct injuries
O. Univ. Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Mischinger FRCS, FEBS(hon), Doris Wagner, Peter Kornprat, Heinz Bacher, Georg Werkgartner

Open Access 08.01.2021 | main topic

Challenging situations in cholecystectomy and strategies to overcome them
Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr. Reinhold Függer

07.08.2020 | main topic

The complicated gallbladder—is old-school treatment an alternative?
Dr. med. univ. Markus Ammann, Prim. Univ. Doz. Dr. Friedrich Längle

Open Access 10.09.2020 | main topic

Management of gallbladder polyps
Dietmar Öfner MD, MSc

07.05.2021 | perspective

Management of early-stage gallbladder cancer
Doris Wagner MD, Georg Werkgartner, Klaus Kaczirek