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European Surgery

Ausgabe 3/2013

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Tissue engineering and its potential use in surgery

L. -P. Kamolz, H. Koch, C. Kasper

Main Topic

Tissue engineered constructs for peripheral nerve surgery

P. J. Johnson, M. D. Wood, A. M . Moore, S. E. Mackinnon

Main Topic

Applications of tissue engineering in modern laryngology

M. Gugatschka, M. Graupp, G. Friedrich

Main Topic

The use of Keratinocytes: Things we should keep in mind!

A. S. Moghaddam, L. P. Kamolz, W. Weninger, D. Parvizi, M. Wiedner, D. B. Lumenta

Main Topic

Tissue engineering in thoracic surgery

J. Lindenmann

Original Article

Gemcitabine-based neoadjuvant chemotherapy for locally advanced pancreatic cancer does not affect mortality and morbidity after pancreatic resection

K. Sahora, M. Schindl, I. Kuehrer, G. Werba, F. Fitzal, P. Goetzinger, M. Gnant


Erratum to: Effects of everolimus on hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury in an experimental rat model

B.G. Demirci, M. Cindoruk, U.T. Yilmaz, M.D. Demirag, I.I. Gonul, U. Demirci, O. Gulbahar, A. Dalgic