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European Surgery

Ausgabe 2/2022

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Surgery smiles

Martin Riegler

Open Access review

Schwannoma of the abdominal wall: updated literature review

Tommaso Panici Tonucci, Andrea Sironi, Eleonora Pisa, Benedetta Di Venosa, Luigi Bonavina

Open Access original article

Classification and evaluation of anastomotic leaks after esophageal surgery—a tertiary university experience

Nader El-Sourani, Chousein Kechagia, Fadl Alfarawan, Achim Troja, Maximilian Bockhorn

Open Access original article

T stage-dependent lymph node and distant metastasis and the accuracy of lymph node assessment in rectal cancer

Henry Ptok, Frank Meyer, Roland S. Croner, Ingo Gastinger, Benjamin Garlipp

Open Access original article

Minimally invasive esophagectomy for cancer in COVID hospitals and oncological hubs: are the outcomes different?

Pamela Milito, Emanuele Asti, Marco Resta, Luigi Bonavina

original article

Elective colectomy financial and opportunity cost analysis: diagnosis, case type, diversion, and complications

Anthony C. Antonacci, Christopher L. Antonacci, Katherine Carsky, Samuel P. Dechario, Gregg Husk, Dana Caulfield, David Allinger, Gene Coppa, Mark Jarrett

original article

Reducing waiting lists for laparoscopic cholecystectomy: An intensive approach to aid COVID-19 recovery

Rachael Elizabeth Clifford, Kunal Rajput, Chyu Yan Naing, Karen MacDonald, Thomas Pantak, Anil Kaul

original article

The current status of surgical pilonidal sinus disease therapy in Germany

Ralph Schneider, Marius Dettmer, Nora Peters, Tenzin Lamdark, Markus M. Luedi, Michel Adamina, Dietrich Doll

letter to the editor

The impact of “COVID-mania” on medical scientific literature. Are we facing a publication pandemic?

Maria Sotiropoulou, Dimitrios Schizas, Francesk Mulita, Ioannis Maroulis, Michail Vailas