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European Surgery

Ausgabe 1/2008

The Role of Surgery and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery in the Treatment of Chronic Wounds (Editors: R. Koller and A. Dobrovits)

Inhalt (11 Artikel)

Main Topic

Digital measurement and analysis of wounds based on colour segmentation

T. Wild, M. Prinz, N. Fortner, W. Krois, K. Sahora, S. Stremitzer, T. Hoelzenbein

Main Topic

Vacuum-assisted closure – what is evidence based?

M. V. Schintler, E.-C. Prandl

Main Topic

Tissue engineering for cutaneous wounds: an overview of current standards and possibilities

L. P. Kamolz, D. B. Lumenta, H. B. Kitzinger, M. Frey

Original Scientific Paper

Appendicoliths and appendectomy in the pediatric population

K. Paya, C. Treitl, A. Barousch, J. Wurm, R. Felder-Puig, S. Puig

Original Scientific Paper

Long term results after stapled anopexy for symptomatic haemorrhoidal prolapse

S. Riss, P. Riss, M. Schuster, T. Riss

Book Review

Hubert Hauser