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European Surgery

Ausgabe 1/2004

Developments in Sports Medicine

Inhalt (17 Artikel)


M. Starlinger, R. Roka


F. M. Riegler, H. Hauser, L. C. Müller, G. Wetscher, S. Roka, A. Klingler

Main Topic


C. Gäbler

Main Topic

Surgical treatment of cartilage injuries

L. Engebretsen, R. Bahr

Main Topic

Traumatic acromioclavicular joint separation – Current concepts

C. Fialka, P. Stampfl, G. Oberleitner, V. Vécsei

Main Topic

Osteochondritis dissecans of the knee

S. Marlovits, P. Singer, C. Resinger, S. Aldrian, F. Kutscha-Lissberg, V. Vécsei

Original Scientific Paper

Interdisciplinary trauma management and quality assessment at the Karl Franzens University Hospital, Graz

R. Szyszkowitz, M. Grasslober, S. Uranüs, O. Leithgöb, R. Mauschitz, R. Gumpert, G. Peicha

Original Scientific Paper

The impact of progesterone receptor in prediction of complete pathological response to preoperative chemotherapy in primary breast cancer patients

S. Taucher, M. Rudas, M. Gnant, P. Dubsky, E. Sporn, S. Roka, T. Bachleitner, F. Fitzal, D. Kandioler, C. Wenzel, G. Steger, W. Draxler, M. Mittlböck, R. Jakesz

Invited Commentary

Solitary cecal diverticulitis: report of a case

S. Roka, F. Herbst