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19.06.2019 | case report | Ausgabe 3/2019 Open Access

neuropsychiatrie 3/2019

End-stage liver disease in alcohol-dependent patients

Case report and overview on clinical management

neuropsychiatrie > Ausgabe 3/2019
Stephan Listabarth, Daniel König, Andrea Gmeiner, Andreas Wippel, PhD Assoc. Prof. PD Dr. Benjamin Vyssoki
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This case report is about a 44-year-old woman with alcohol-related end-stage liver disease. Initial contact with the patient was made in the alcohol-outpatient clinic of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Clinical Division of Social Psychiatry, Medical University of Vienna. Due to a particularly poor general condition, Child Pugh Score C/MELD Score 20, the patient was admitted to ward 4A, with the clinical and scientific focus of treating patients with alcohol use disorder. The withdrawal process was complicated by a multitude of factors associated with end-stage liver disease. By explaining the theoretical background of possible somatic as well as psychiatric complications of end-stage liver disease and elaborating on treatment options a comprehensive overview of the psychiatric and somatic management of this patient population is given.

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