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01.08.2016 | original article | Ausgabe 15-16/2016 Open Access

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 15-16/2016

Diagnosis and management of asthma – Statement on the 2015 GINA Guidelines

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift > Ausgabe 15-16/2016
Prim. Priv. Lect. Dr. Fritz Horak, MSc MD Daniel Doberer, Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr. Ernst Eber, Assist. Prof. Senior Physician Dr. med. Elisabeth Horak, Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pohl, Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr. Josef Riedler, Univ. Prof. Dr. Zsolt Szépfalusi, Prim. Univ. Lect. Dr. Felix Wantke, Priv. Lect. Dr. Angela Zacharasiewicz, Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Studnicka


This statement was written by a group of pulmonologists and pediatric pulmonologists belonging to the corresponding professional associations ÖGP (Austrian Society for Pulmonology) and ÖGKJ (Austrian Society for pediatric and adolescent medicine) to provide a concise overview of the latest updates in the 2015 GINA Guidelines and to include aspects that are specific to Austria.
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