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26.11.2020 | review article | Ausgabe 7-8/2021

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 7-8/2021

Clinical manifestations of COVID-19 in the general population: systematic review

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift > Ausgabe 7-8/2021
Rodrigo da Rosa Mesquita, Luiz Carlos Francelino Silva Junior, Fernanda Mayara Santos Santana, Tatiana Farias de Oliveira, Rafaela Campos Alcântara, Gabriel Monteiro Arnozo, Etvaldo Rodrigues da Silva Filho, Aisla Graciele Galdino dos Santos, Euclides José Oliveira da Cunha, Saulo Henrique Salgueiro de Aquino, Carlos Dornels Freire de Souza
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Clinical manifestations of COVID-19 are varied in the general population. This study aimed to systematize the literature regarding clinical manifestations of patients with confirmed COVID-19. A systematic review of the literature was conducted. A total of 8070 scientific productions were found in the databases. Among the studies, 184 met the initial inclusion criteria, with a total of 114,046 patients. After complete reading, 32 studies that did not report clinical manifestations were excluded. The 152 publications finally included a total of 41,409 individuals from at least 23 countries and 26 different clinical manifestations were reported. In percentage terms, 6 symptoms had a general prevalence greater than or equal to 25%, namely, fever (58.66%), cough (54.52%), dyspnea (30.82%), malaise (29.75%), fatigue (28.16%) and sputum/secretion (25.33%). Neurological symptoms (20.82%), dermatological manifestations (20.45%), anorexia (20.26%), myalgia (16.9%), sneezing (14.71%), sore throat (14.41%), rhinitis (14.29%), goosebumps (13.49%), headache (12.17%), chest pain (11.49%) and diarrhea (9.59%) were other common symptoms. Only one study reported dermatological manifestations. The least frequent sign/symptom was hemoptysis (1.65%). In studies with more than 100 patients, the 3 main symptoms were fever (57.93%), cough (54.21%), and dyspnea (30.64%). Dermatological manifestations do not appear among the main symptoms. The identification of all clinical manifestations of COVID-19 is essential for an early diagnosis and the adoption of preventive measures.

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