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20.09.2019 | original article | Ausgabe 5-6/2020 Open Access

Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift 5-6/2020

Aortic valve stenosis awareness in Austria—results of a nationwide survey in 1001 subjects

Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift > Ausgabe 5-6/2020
MD Christian Hengstenberg, Martin Thoenes, Peter Bramlage, Jolanta Siller-Matula, Julia Mascherbauer
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Despite the prognostic significance of severe aortic valve stenosis, knowledge is limited in the general population. To document the status quo for Austria, knowledge about valvular heart disease/aortic valve stenosis was documented in 1001 participants >60 years of age. 6.7% of respondents were knowledgeable of aortic valve stenosis, with 1.6% being concerned about the condition (24.1% cancer, 18.8% Alzheimer’s disease, 15.1% stroke). 29.5% were familiar with valvular heart disease (76.7% heart attack, 36.9% stroke). Only 1/3 reported auscultation by their general practitioner (GP) at least every third visit. Typical symptoms of aortic valve stenosis were likely to be reported by 50%. After exposure to further information on aortic valve stenosis, only 20% reported to be more concerned and ready to obtain more disease-related information. Awareness of surgical and catheter-based treatment options was claimed by 77% of respondents. Awareness campaigns on valvular heart disease are warranted to improve patient care in Austria.

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