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01.04.2015 | Main Topic | Ausgabe 2/2015

European Surgery 2/2015

Amount and influence of perioperative fluid administration on outcome in routine elective colorectal surgery according to an ERAS protocol

European Surgery > Ausgabe 2/2015
J. Drautz, M. Anschütz, MD R. Kafka-Ritsch



Restrictive perioperative fluid management is an essential element of enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS), but the exact definition of quality and quantity of administered fluid is missing. In this retrospective analysis, we analysed the amount and effect of fluid administration in routine surgical practice following the recommendation of ERAS.


A total of 192 consecutive patients, 72 (38 %) female, with a median (range) age of 64 (19–93) years and a median (range) body mass index of 25 (14–39) kg/m2 were analysed. Patients were divided by the median intraoperative fluid administration of 0.15 ml/kg/min.


Median (range) volume of fluid administration was 2500 (300–5000) ml cristalloids and 100 (0–3000) ml colloids. Total complication and anastomotic leakage rate was 19 and 3 % in group A with less fluid administration and 25 % (p = 0.23) and 6 % in group B (p = 0.26), respectively.


Amount of intraoperative fluid administration was within the range of ERAS trials, and complication rate was comparable. Less fluid administration showed a non-significant decrease in the overall complication and anastomotic leakage rate.

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