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The memo inOncology Education series: keeping oncologists at the forefront of lung cancer research. memo inOncology Special Issue Preceptorship reports summarise the latest in lung cancer research and treatments to come out of our sponsored Preceptorship meeting series. The Fundamentals of Designing Clinical Trials series arms oncologists with the information they need to plan and conduct an oncology trial.

memo inOncology Education:

Fundamentals of designing clinical trials

memo EducationPart 1: Biomarkers in oncology trials
The Fundamentals series kicks off with an in-depth examination from Silvia
Novello and Nik Zeps of how a PI should design, conduct, and implement a biomarker-driven oncology trial. They advise on negotiating the regulatory pathway, and discuss how biomarker screening introduces additional ethical considerations to trial design, as well as the general responsibilities of the principal investigator. Read a memo inOncology report here.

memo inOncology Special Issue Preceptorship report

PreceptorshipSpringer had their inaugural Lung Cancer International Preceptorship at the
highly regarded MedUni Vienna in June 2016, with Professors Robert Pirker and Sabine Zöchbauer-Müller. Read a memo inOncology report of the meeting here.



We are delighted that CSCO (Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology), LACOG (Latin American Cooperative Oncology group), SSO (Singapore Society of Oncology), and SEO (Sociedad Ecuatoriana de Oncología) all distribute memo – inoncology Special Issue congress reports on their websites!

Current Special Issues

Find out the latest news from international oncology congresses and stay at the forefront of clinical innovation and advances in lung cancer research. Each SPECIAL ISSUE – CONGRESS REPORT features informative summaries of key topics from lung cancer to come out of a major international oncology congress.


WCLC 2016


ESMO 2016


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Expert opinion

Keep abreast of current thinking in the field of cancer and find out what key insights experts have gleaned
from the latest oncology/haematology congress.

Martin Schuler on the current state-of-play
for EGFR diagnostic technologies


Johan Vansteenkiste discusses the practical considerations for immunotherapy



Robert Pirker on the hot topics in lung cancer research on the agenda at the IASLC 2017 WCLC congress

Fiona Blackhall on the importance of molecular diagnosis on the diagnosis and follow up of lung cancer



James Chih-Hsin Yang talks TKIs


Educational slides

As an additional service, Boehringer Ingelheim Oncology is pleased to also made the following educational slide set available: NSCLC.* This slide set is an informational slide set, explain important topics in cancer and are suitable as a teaching and learning resource.
*Please note this offer is only available for oncologists outside the UK, US and Canada.





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