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Zahnheilkunde 17. April 2014

Management of accidental aspiration of foreign bodies in implant dentistry

Background: This article is a case report of accidental aspiration of a screwdriver used for clinical procedures in implant dentistry and the medical retrieval.

Case description: A 35-year-old female patient aspirated a foreign body which had fallen from the operator’s hand. The patient was referred to an emergency department to check the possibility of removal of the impacted screwdriver as soon as possible. Following fiberoptic intubation and endoscopy to observe the position of the foreign body, a thoracic surgeon introduced a rigid bronchoscope. The approach revealed a screwdriver obstructing the right main bronchus which was immediately successfully removed.

Clinical implications: As an attempt to avoid such accidents it is mandatory to take preventive steps, such as the placement of a gauze screen across the oropharynx and the use of dental floss or suture material to attach to small instruments.

Guenther Schuldt Filho, João Gustavo Oliveira de Souza, Carlos Alberto Tosin, Felipe Damerau Ouriques, Haline Renata Dalago, Marco Aurélio Bianchini, international journal of stomatology & occlusion medicine 1/2014

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