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Zahnheilkunde 13. November 2013

Publications by Professor Georg Watzek and coworkers 1976–1991

Research on oral surgery and dental implants has a long tradition at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria and is profoundly associated with the head of the Dental Clinic’s Department of Oral Surgery for over three decades, Professor Georg Watzek. He has (co)authored more than 200 scientific papers and edited 9 books in the field. The aim of this series of review articles is to provide an overview of research topics and results published in PubMed listed international scientific journals. The first part presents a summary of publications by Georg Watzek and coworkers in the time period of 1976–1991. Thematic issues involve oral malignancies, neurofibromatosis, macroglossia, amyloidosis, craniosynostosis, maxillary sinusitis, oral anatomy, endoscopic and temporomandibular joint surgery, fibrin adhesives, heavy metal deposits, dental cysts, root resections, interradicular periodontal defects, marginal bone resorption and mucosal condition around dental implants as well as interdisciplinary treatment planning.

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