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Zahnheilkunde 13. November 2013

Publications by Professor Georg Watzek and coworkers 1992–2002

The scientific output in the decade 1992–2002 mimics the development of the Department for Oral Surgery in Vienna. While in 1992 there was only one professor 10 years later the department had produced over a dozen prestigious researchers and more than half of them had earned a PhD degree. The topics of the publications dealt with the top issues of scientific interest during those years. Finite element analysis of dental implants had been introduced and animal models were used worldwide as a standard for sinus floor augmentation research. Histological evaluation was performed in the laboratory founded by Professor Watzek with the help of Professor Dr. mult. Karl Donath. This enabled the department staff to easily expand scientific investigations and was subsequently also used by other institutes. This second part tells the story of the rise of the department to one of the leading research centers on oral implantology in Europe.

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