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Zahnheilkunde 9. April 2013

Prosthetic rehabilitation for a patient with systemic sclerosis

Scleroderma is a symptom of a group of diseases of the immune system, blood vessels, and connective tissue, in which the skin, usually of the hands and feet, becomes stiff, tight, and shiny. The systemic forms of scleroderma are most appropriately designated systemic sclerosis. It can give rise to a variety of oral problems; most commonly, limited mouth opening and sometimes xerostomia, due to which dental treatment in these patients is quite challenging. Modifications in the conventional methods are needed for a successful prognosis. The present case report describes the fabrication of a maxillary removable complete overdenture using a sectional impression tray technique and mandibular complete denture for a partially edentulous patient with microstomia resulting from systemic sclerosis. Complete oral rehabilitation of the patient could provide not only the esthetics and improved physiology, but could also affect the social and psychological aspects of patient care in a positive manner.

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