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Zahnheilkunde 29. Juni 2012

Clinical duration of permanent tooth eruption in Jordanians

Partially erupting teeth are vulnerable to plaque accumulation and caries initiation. Therefore, the duration a tooth spends from emergence until functional eruption is clinically significant for dentists. This study aimed at investigating the clinical intraoral duration of permanent tooth eruption in the Jordanian population.

In this cross-sectional study cases of emergence and functional eruption in the permanent dentition were examined in 2,672 Jordanian schoolchildren and adolescents. Through probit analysis, the median ages of emergence and of functional eruption were calculated per permanent tooth. The time difference between the two events represented the clinical duration of tooth eruption. Sexual dimorphism and bilateralism in clinical duration of eruption together with the correlation between tooth emergence age and clinical duration of eruption were statistically tested.

At an average of 0.64 years the clinical duration of eruption of all permanent teeth showed no significant differences between genders and sides. In addition, the clinical duration of permanent tooth eruption tended to be longer for teeth erupting at later ages.

The standards of clinical duration of permanent tooth emergence provided by this study would be useful resources for pediatric dentists in the care of children especially during the second phase of permanent tooth eruption (10.5–13.5 years for Jordanian children). In addition, health services officials should put more emphasis on introducing preventive measures that help dentists following up schoolchildren during that critical period.

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