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Evaluation of periodontal surgical procedures in type-2 diabetic patients

Aims and objectives The aim of this prospective clinical
study was to evaluate the response of type 2 diabetics to
periodontal surgical therapy and to compare the treatment
outcome with that of non-diabetics.
Patients and methods A total of 20 type 2 diabetic and
20 non-diabetic patients with moderate to advanced
periodontal disease were recruited in the study. Patients
with probing pocket depth ≥ 5 mm in at least three adjacent
teeth and with horizontal bone defects (as confirmed
by radiographs) were subjected to periodontal
surgery. Changes in clinical parameters such as gingival
status, probing pocket depth, clinical attachment level,
mobility, and position of the gingiva were evaluated 6
months post-operatively.
Results Patients in both groups showed significant
pocket depth reduction and clinical attachment gain as
compared to baseline, however, no differences in the
amount of improvement between the groups was seen.
Interpretation and conclusions Type 2 diabetic patients
respond to periodontal surgical procedures in
a manner similar to that of non-diabetics provided
good glycemic control and optimum oral hygiene are

Prof. Dr. Sheetal K. Oswal, Prof. Dr. C. D. Dwarkanath, Prof. Dr. A. V. Ramesh, international journal of stomatology & occlusion medicine 2/2011

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