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Functional cephalometry analysis and computerized axiography before and after therapy with “Function Generating Bite” in a deep bite patient

Background The interest of this case report is the evaluation
of the correlation between the condylar pathways
and incisor guidance recorded by computerized axiography
and functional cephalometry analysis before and
after therapy with the “Function Generating Bite” (FGBD)
appliance for deep bite correction.
Methods A 12-year-old Italian male patient affected
by deep bite was treated with the functional appliance
FGB-D to correct the malocclusion. Computerized axiography
and functional cephalometry analysis were performed
before and after therapy to evaluate the temporomandibular
joint function (TMJ).
Results The results showed an improvement of morphology
and symmetry of the axiographic tracings and
in particular a very good coordination between condylar
movement and incisal guide.
Conclusions The FGB-D appliance is a useful appliance
to correct deep bite dental malocclusions improving
occlusion and TMJ function.

Matteo Reverdito, Maria Grazia Piancino, Gianluigi Frongia, Andrea Adriano Bracco, Maurizio Gribaudo Fresi, Cesare Lorenzo Debernardi, Pietro Bracco, international journal of stomatology & occlusion medicine 2/2011

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