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Zahnheilkunde 1. Jänner 1970

Established prosthodontic rules confirmed in natural adolescent occlusion

Guidelines have been established for the arrangement of artificial teeth based on the curve of Wilson, the curve of Spee and the occlusal plate rule of Gysi. However, no scientific studies have been carried out to see whether these prosthodontic rules are actually present in natural teeth. This study was carried out on a selected sample of children and adolescents with natural dentitions using a 3D computer-aided measuring device to reevaluate these occlusal rules in order to establish whether occlusion with anterior protected articulation is the occlusal scheme of choice. The previously estblished prosthodontic rules were confirmed to be present in the complete natural dentitions of adolescents at completion of tooth eruption period and support their use as guiding principles in diagnosis and treatment.

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