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Zahnheilkunde 1. Mai 2008

Reconstruction of the curve of Spee

AIM: The construction of a flat occlusal plane or one showing a haphazard curvature does not correspond to the concept of "best practice" in restorative dentistry. Unlike a flat reconstruction, a correct occlusal curvature allows mandibular translation without occlusal interferences in the posterior segment, Furthermore masticatory efficiency on the working side is not lost. In this way, a better distribution of the axial load and protection against T.M.J. overloading is achieved. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A simple cephalometric was used to determine the optimal radius of the circle. This curvature was transferred using a template, which was then placed in the appropriate position on the articulator; in order to facilitate the prosthetic construction of an optimised Curve of Spee. CONCLUSION: An appropriately constructed template, when fitted to an articulator may be useful to guide a clinician when designing a wax-up or prosthetic construction. This could be of benefit when constructing a surgical stent for optimum implant placement.

J.-P. Ré, C. Perez, A. Giraudeau, P. Ager, A. El Zoghby, J.-D. Orthlieb

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