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Zahnheilkunde 25. August 2009

Sensoric and motor recovery of cranial nerves: a case report

A case of neurological complication after surgical procedure for a Meningeoma of the left cavernous sinus is presented. It concerns a healthy 27-year-old woman who developed left side facial muscle atrophy in combination with dysesthesia and hypalgesia in the left face. The diagnostic and therapeutical approach is described in detail. Adequate and functionally orientated diagnostic procedures are mandatory to establish an individual treatment plan. An interdisciplinary treatment, clearly focused on the recovery of the functions of the stomatognathic system, restores functions and improves local muscular and neuronal properties. In addition, the stricken psychic situation of the affected patient can be considerably improved by this approach. A route of capitulation should not be applied in such situations. An active and pre-visional treatment concept has to be implemented, although the actions taken have to be arranged on an individual base.

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