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Sportmedizin 30. Mai 2016

Mental techniques to improve performance

Dear Reader,

“The winner takes it all!” – In the next few weeks, the UEFA Euro 2016 (European Soccer Championships) will be held in France. The players of every national soccer team dream to be the next European champions, and their coaches and delegates are seeking the way to achieve the best performance and to be successful, which could be also in form of mental toughness.

The use of mental techniques to strengthen mental toughness is well accepted for professional athletes at times of championships. In professional sports competitions, different mental techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, autogenic training, hypnosis, biofeedback, and visualization have been shown to be able to improve the mental skills of professional athletes. They are used in sports for recovery, to improve performance, and should also be considered when coordinating the care of athletes after sport-induced trauma (sport-associated injury).

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