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Sportmedizin 8. September 2011

Wirkung einer Nahrungsergänzung auf Basis von Enzym–Hefezellen auf den oxidativen Stress bei klinisch gesunden Personen

Dietary strategies to sustain antioxidative capacity are often inadequately evaluated. We have tested the influence of a yeast–cells–based supplement on the blood concentration of free radicals.
11 healthy subjects (5 males, 6 females, 20 to 50 yrs) were examined before and after 4–weeks intervention with a daily 30 ml dosage of a bioactive yeast–cells preparation (Dr. Wolz Zell Immunkomplex®). Free radicals were measured in the morning at a 240 min time interval by electron–spin–spectroscopy (Fa. Bruker, Rheinstetten, Germany).
All participants completed the study without side effects. After intervention free radicals were lowered (p < 0.01) and decreased acutely after drinking the test dosage (1.72 ± 0.19 vs. 2.04 ± 0.37) at about 20% .
The method used objectifies significant adaptations after intake of the bioactive supplement. The intake of the complex induces an adjustment of the antioxidant regulations. This modulation may be of specific interest in health care and complementary therapy of chronic degenerative diseases.

P Deibert, D König, D Schaffner, A Stensitzky-Thielemans, B Fink, A Berg, Sport- und Präventivmedizin 2/2011

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