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Sportmedizin 21. September 2009

Functional limitation of the lower limb following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction up to 72 weeks

The purpose of this study was to determine how the limb symmetry index (LSI) for peak torque (PT), single hop (SH) and one-legged vertical jump (OL-VJ) will change at a follow-up period of over one year after ACL reconstruction.

Seventy-eight male persons, divided into two groups (A and B) participated in the study. Group A consisted of fifty untrained subjects with no prior history of knee injury.
Group B consisted of twenty-eight patients who had undergone the same surgical procedure of ACL reconstruction mean follow-up period was 72.3 ± 10.2 weeks.

The study was retrospective and randomized. Two functional tests (single hop test for distance, one-legged vertical jump) and an isokinetic test for quadriceps muscle strength were investigated.

Results revealed limb symmetry indices (LSI PT, LSI SH and LSI OL-VJ) of 95 % or more for group A, and no significant differences between the dominant and non-dominant leg. For group B limb symmetry indices for PT and SH were in the normal range, and for OL-VJ less than 85 %.
There were only significant differences between the involved and non-involved leg with respect to the one-legged vertical jump.

Based on our findings, the one-legged vertical jump test can serve to detect inadequate limb symmetry scores even up to 72 weeks after ACL reconstruction. The uninvolved leg can be used for reference when using hop tests.

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