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Onkologie 12. Oktober 2016

ASH 2015—insights and outlooks

In this issue you will find reviewed selected presentations from the ASH meeting 2015—hand-picked by expert hematologists. Every year, groundbreaking information is emerging from this meeting. Thus, this issue of MEMO not only offers a privileged glimpse on the meeting itself, but also provides insight into the forefront of hematologic treatment strategies.

Daniel Heintel discusses the topic of CLL, focusing on new substances, which now are being evaluated in the first line setting, e. g. ibrutinib in the RESONATE 2 trial, venetoclax/obinutuzumab in the CLL14 trial. A treatment revolution is also ongoing in indolent lymphoma, with new substances showing unprecedented results in the first line and relapsed setting. Innovative combinations reviewed by Thomas Nösslinger include ibrutinib/rituximab, venetoclax/bendamustine/rituximab, and obinutuzumab/lenalidomide for follicular lymphoma. For aggressive lymphomas, Michael Fridrik highlights the results for the DA-EPOCH-R regimen in treatment of Burkitt lymphoma. A possible stepwise treatment strategy for lymphoproliferative disease after solid organ transplantation is also reviewed in his contribution. Highlights in the myeloma field were the presentations of the IFM/DCFI 2009 trial, underlining the importance of autologous transplantation first line in suitable patients. Also, based on data from the IFM 2013–04 trial, bortezomib/thalidomide/dexamethasone (VTD) emerges as induction therapy of choice before autologous transplantation.

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