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Onkologie 12. Juli 2016

memo—new frontiers to be reached

The development of memo—magazine of european medical oncology

With the publication of issue 4/2015 of memo in December 2015, memo finished its eighth year. Many experts, first of all the members of the editorial board (acting as authors and/or reviewers), have always actively supported memo to ensure the high quality memo has always offered to its readership. Therefore, we want to express our gratitude and thank everyone for contributing to memo’s success!

memo was founded in 2008 and the first year was entirely devoted to a lot of administrative and organizational work to get the first issue of memo published in autumn 2008. Considering memo’s development, it can be stated that the first years were busy with establishing a reliable pool of authors and reviewers and collecting manuscripts of high quality. To boost memo’s way to internationality, section editors coming from different nations were established (2 Austria, 1 Hungary, 1 Switzerland, 1 Russia) and the editorial board could be extended to many European countries and new frontiers were opened (Israel, Iran, USA).

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