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Onkologie 13. Mai 2015

Optimal follow-up of ovarian cancer patients

Gynecological malignancies account for roughly 10 % of all cancers in women with ovarian cancer as leading cause of death due to gynecological tumors. Surveillance programs of ovarian cancer are primarily based on recurrence rates, timing of recurrence, salvage options, and chances for cure of patient with recurrence. Since there is no prospective, high evidence data on optimal surveillance program after primary treatment of patients with ovarian cancer recommendations are based on review of retrospective data sets. From all the diagnostic tools available, history taking and clinical examination, including gynecological examination, still contribute to the greatest number of recurrence detections. Radiologic and laboratory tests are usually employed when a suspicion of recurrence is raised. Follow-up plan should be tailored according to the estimated risk of relapse for individual patient.

Eduard Vrdoljak, Branka Petrić Miše, Tihana Boraska Jelavić, Snježana Tomić, Dinka Šundov, Ante Strikić, memo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology 1/2015

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