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Onkologie 9. April 2012

Parenteral nutrition for symptom control in a patient with pancreatic cancer and generalized oedema – a case report

The effect of parenteral nutrition (PN) in advanced cancer patients is exemplified at the clinical case of a male, 82-year old patient. Methods: Case report and short survey of the current literature. Results: In our patient with locally advanced pancreatic cancer, inflammatory state and recurrent ascites/oedema due to an anorexia-cachexia-syndrome, persistent symptom control could be reached by antiinflammatory treatment and supplemental PN until his death.

R. Simanek, A. Henry, D. Weixler, B. Hammerl-Ferrari, K. Geissler, H. Watzke, memo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology 1/2012

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