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Onkologie 31. August 2010

Anti-angiogenetic metronomic chemotherapy in an adult patient with recurrent medulloblastoma with spinal metastases: a case report

We present the case of a 33-year-old man, who was diagnosed with a cerebellar medulloblastoma in October 2000. Surgery with complete resection followed by craniospinal fractionated radiation therapy. The recurrences were treated according to HIT 2000 and the 3rd recurrence was treated by a metronomic anti-angiogenetic therapy. Technical advances in diagnostics, surgery and radiotherapy increased prognoses for patients with brain tumours. Case reports in the literature show encouraging results with second and third line chemotherapy, anti-angiogenic drugs and targeted therapy for example with somatostatin analogues. These therapies may further improve prognosis and enable "living with cancer" for years even for patients with fatal prognosis like disseminated spinal metastases of adult medulloblastoma.

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